Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It was not a good night sleep

It was not a good night sleep at all when i just slept on a sofa in front the tv. And i did not turn off the tv until 6 am. I woke up at around 4 am because of my tummy need early breakfast. Then i watched pride and prejudice until 6 am.

Oh, talking about my tummy, lately i always woke up at around 4am. Really need to take a light breakfast because of my gastric problem. Then i take a bit heavy breakfast at around 9am.

Last month, i did went to see a doctor. That day i had such a bad stomach ache. It was not like gastric problem. The doctor did some simple check up, then he made a conclusion. 'I think you have appendicitis. You need to go for a real check up at the hospital.' Then he gave me an injection for a reason if it really was appendicitis, then i will feel the pain after some time of being injected.

Later, when i went to office, the pain started to grow. I just took the pils then have a nap. It continued until 3 or 4 days. Then it stopped. Then until now, i never have the gut to go for check up.

But starting that day, i really cannot take any spicy food. If not, i will never get to walk. The pain is really dramatic sometime. huhu

That's all. I need to go to work now. See you later.


nurul said...

Where is the pain?Don't u curious to know what causes the pain??-D..Hope u get better -)

aiden said...

at the right side of the stomach..huhu..im just afraid..